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PartnerTech Tablet Computers, Customer Displays and Point of Sale Terminals

PartnerTech manufactures customer pole displays, tablet computers, handheld payment computers and full-featured workstations for retail, restaurant, and point of sale (POS) applications.

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Top PartnerTech Products

PartnerTech RP-700 POS Printer PartnerTech RP-700
POS Printer

$197.60 to $224.80

All PartnerTech Products

PartnerTech SP-850 Point of Sale Terminals

PartnerTech SP-850

Partner Tech, being your true Partner in POS, developed the new compact and powerful 2.4G Intel Bay Trail-D J1900 SP-850 with multi-touch to meet both of these trends: increased power and cost effectiveness.

PartnerTech EM-300 Tablet Computers

PartnerTech EM-300

The EM-300 is designed for everyday use in the fields of logistics, retail, hospitality and many more. EM-300 Enterprise Tablet improves profitability and customer satisfaction.

PartnerTech SP-1060 Point of Sale Systems

PartnerTech SP-1060

Partner Tech's SP-1060 offers you the flexibility to scale as your business needs change. This touch POS terminal is available in "IoT Ready" and "IoT Advanced" models that support smart applications. The SP-1060 IoT Advanced model also can be...

PartnerTech SP-5514 Point of Sale Systems

PartnerTech SP-5514

The SP-5514 has been designed to optimize workflows at the checkout. The 14-inch-wide, 16: 9, PCT touchscreen makes it easy for your staff to use - even new employees can use intuitive touchscreen interfaces efficiently almost from day one.

PartnerTech SP-3500 Point of Sale Systems

PartnerTech SP-3500

The SP-3500 is a future-proof solution, scalable and adaptable in order to meet the growing demands of your business. The SP-3500 terminal includes an integrated RJ11 port that supports two cash drawers, a cost-effective solution that still keeps...

PartnerTech SP-550 Point of Sale Systems

PartnerTech SP-550

The SP-550 is powered by a lightning fast Intel Celeron Processor Bay Trail-D J1900 (2.0GHz up to 2.42GHz, 2M Cache), it can handle demanding applications and process payment transactions in record time. Furthermore, the POS terminal supports up to...

PartnerTech PT-6515

PartnerTech PT-6515

Enhance the customer experience at the checkout with the Partner Tech PT-6515 point of sale (POS) terminal. Its all-in-one design eliminates unsightly peripheral cables and conserves counter space for more important things - like your shopper"s...

PartnerTech WS-100 Barcode Scanners

PartnerTech WS-100

The WS-100 reading range and resolution covers all typical requirements for retail environment. The ergonomically and rugged designed housing make the handheld scanner ideal for a wide range of business applications to improve productivity and...

PartnerTech PAT-215

PartnerTech PAT-215

The PAT-215 POS terminal combines the flexible product designs that Partner Tech is known for with the Android operating system. This high-performance all-in-one computer is a smart choice for small to medium-sized business owners who want to...

PartnerTech EM-100

PartnerTech EM-100

The EM-100 keeps your staff connected to the business applications they need without being tethered to a checkout counter and allows them to provide service without making customers wait in line.

PartnerTech SP-630

PartnerTech SP-630

Partner Tech's SP-630 Touch POS System will arm you with the tools you need to engineer delightful experiences for your customers. When you need a point of sale (POS) system that delivers a wide range of functionality at an exceptional value, look...

PartnerTech OT-310

PartnerTech OT-310

The OT-310 Android Handheld Computer is designed to be your ultimate business partner, with its small but sturdy form factor, advanced data capture capabilities, and connectivity options to meet your mobile needs.

PartnerTech QM-150C

PartnerTech QM-150C

The QM-150C Multi-touch monitor has an impressive resolution of 1024 x 768. Its slim dimensions and elegant design make the QM-150C a popular addition to the modern looking cashier station. Its on-screen display simplifies working processes and also...

PartnerTech PM-15BZ

PartnerTech PM-15BZ

The adjustable monitor of the PM-15BZ PCT can be perfectly adjusted for an ideal angle of view, making it extremely practical. By removing the stand, the VESA mount allows flexible integration into checkout solutions.

PartnerTech RP-100

PartnerTech RP-100

For retail and hospitality businesses that need a dependable and fast receipt printer, the RP-100 is an ideal choice. Its compact form and quiet operation help it fit well in any setting. The Partner Tech RP-100 is a high-performance, direct thermal...

PartnerTech RP-600

PartnerTech RP-600

The compact size and high performance of the RP-600 make this dependable model absolutely ideal for many applications. A wide range of interface and port options allows easy installation and simple integration to either POS environments or POS...

PartnerTech CD-70

PartnerTech CD-70

The CD-70 enables you to allow your customers to see what a cashier sees during checkout, assuring them that transactions are accurate. It"s a brightly colored alternative to a two-line monochrome display.

PartnerTech CDR-6E410

PartnerTech CDR-6E410

The CDR-6E410 is a durable, well manufactured and secure cash drawer. It is intelligently split with four banknote compartments and eight coin compartments. A robust latch mechanism and a proven lock assembly offers security.

PartnerTech SP-2500

PartnerTech SP-2500

The Partner Tech SP-2500 series, which includes the SP-2511, SP-2515 and SP-2518, features an elegant, modular design that empowers you to choose the configuration you need. The powerful quad core, fanless PC transforms quickly into touch POS...

PartnerTech Parts

Products and parts from PartnerTech.

$60.00 to $2,505.90

PartnerTech PAT-120

PartnerTech PAT-120

With built in Bluetooth and Wi-Fi capabilities, the PAT-120 for Windows or Android equips users with complete mobility whether they are processing payments in-store, at a fair, special event, or sidewalk sale. During peak season, this all-in-one,...

PartnerTech RP-700 POS Printer

PartnerTech RP-700

RP-700 is an efficient, small foot-print thermal receipt printer best for any retail and hospitality environment. You can choose between front or top paper load and it is available in both black or white to fit in your trendy setting.

$197.60 to $224.80

PartnerTech Cyclops I

PartnerTech Cyclops I

Partner Techs new Cyclops I is a great solution for mobile operations with Bluetooth standards for maximized compatibilities. The Cyclops I can reach up to 15 hours of working time thanks to the 720 mAh Lithium-ion rechargeable battery pack. This...

PartnerTech Cyclops II

PartnerTech Cyclops II

Partner Tech's new Cyclops II is an ultra-compact Bluetooth scanner capable of scanning both 1D and 2D barcodes. Designed to survive 6.5 ft. drops to concrete, the Cyclops II is made for mobile operations such as retail, hospitality and health care....

PartnerTech Cyclops 2f

PartnerTech Cyclops 2f

Partner Tech's new Cyclops 2f is an omnidirectional countertop scanner capable of reading 1D and 2D barcodes. Featuring adjustable reading angles and reading heights the Cyclops 2f can adopt to different counter layouts. Built with high-performance...

PartnerTech PS-103 Cosmo Printer Stand

PartnerTech PS-103 Cosmo Printer Stand

The PartnerTech PS-103 Cosmo Printer Stand is the space saving, attractive printer stand you need to perfectly compliment any Partner Tech POS terminal. The slim black and silver design makes a elegant statement, and the solid aluminium construction...

PartnerTech PM-15 - Discontinued.

PartnerTech EM-104 - Discontinued.

PartnerTech EM-200 - Discontinued. Replaced by the PartnerTech EM-220

PartnerTech EM-200S - Discontinued.

PartnerTech MF-2350 - Discontinued.

PartnerTech OT-110 - Discontinued.

PartnerTech OT-100 - Discontinued. Replaced by the PartnerTech OT-110

PartnerTech OT-200 - Discontinued.

PartnerTech MP-300 - Discontinued.

PartnerTech M2-POS - Discontinued.

PartnerTech M1-POS - Discontinued.

PartnerTech CD-5220 Series - Discontinued.

PartnerTech CD-6220 Series - Discontinued. Replaced by the PartnerTech CD-7220 Series

PartnerTech CD-7220 Series - Discontinued.

PartnerTech CD-8220 Series - Discontinued.

PartnerTech SP-800 - Discontinued.

PartnerTech SP-1000 - Discontinued.

PartnerTech SP-1000C - Discontinued.

PartnerTech PT-5900 - Discontinued.

PartnerTech PT-6212 - Discontinued.

PartnerTech PT-6212E - Discontinued.

PartnerTech PT-6215 - Discontinued.

PartnerTech PT-6900 - Discontinued. Replaced by the PartnerTech SP-800

PartnerTech PT-6910 - Discontinued.

PartnerTech PT-8800 - Discontinued.

PartnerTech PT-8850 - Discontinued.

PartnerTech PT-8860 - Discontinued.

PartnerTech Libra - Discontinued.

PartnerTech VEGA Series - Discontinued.

PartnerTech V-1010 - Discontinued.

PartnerTech V-1010BT - Discontinued.

PartnerTech V-1020 - Discontinued.

PartnerTech V-1020BT - Discontinued.

PartnerTech SG-15+ - Discontinued.

PartnerTech Orion - Discontinued.

PartnerTech Castor - Discontinued.

PartnerTech Mica - Discontinued.

PartnerTech RP-320 - Discontinued.

PartnerTech CDR-5E415 - Discontinued.

PartnerTech CDR-5E415-BR-EPG - Discontinued.

PartnerTech EM-220 - Discontinued.

PartnerTech PM-116 - Discontinued.

PartnerTech PT-1500 - Discontinued.

PartnerTech RP-500 - Discontinued.

PartnerTech - Discontinued.

PartnerTech CD-8240 Series - Discontinued.

PartnerTech PT-5500 - Discontinued.

PartnerTech PT-5700 - Discontinued. Replaced by the PartnerTech PT-6900


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