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Wasp Barcode Scanners

Wasp Scanners are offered in a variety of form factors and technology that is ideal for various environments such as healthcare, libraries, retail, and warehouse. Wasp scanners can capture data using laser or imager technology and specific scanners are compatible with an iPhone, iPad, and Android device. Wasp Scanners are tested and proven to work with their inventory software. Check out our full line of Wasp Scanners below or call one of our experts to request a volume discount.

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Top Wasp Barcode Scanners

Wasp WWS550i Barcode Scanners Wasp WWS550i
Barcode Scanners

Wasp WLS9600 Barcode Scanners Wasp WLS9600
Barcode Scanners


All Wasp Barcode Scannerss

Wasp WWS550i Barcode Scanners

Wasp WWS550i

The Wasp WWS550i offers wireless functionality that eliminates cumbersome cords, creating a more efficient working environment. Whether you use the WWS550i as a cordless inventory scanner, as a retail wireless barcode reader, or for any...


Wasp WCS3950 Barcode Scanners

Wasp WCS3950

The Wasp WCS3950 is designed for fast, easy installation. Connect the WCS3950 to your PC using the USB port or keyboard wedge (PS/2). The WCS3950 barcode scanner is configured to read most common 1D barcodes, right out of the box -...

$57.40 to $172.30

Wasp WLS9600 Barcode Scanners

Wasp WLS9600

The Wasp WLS9600 laser barcode scanner makes it simple to add barcode data to spreadsheets, word processing documents or databases. Just connect the WLS9600 to your PC (USB, RS-232, Keyboard wedge, IBM 46XX and Wand Emulation), and you"re ready to...


Wasp WDI4600 Barcode Scanners

Wasp WDI4600

Rapidly read 1D and 2D barcodes, including QR codes, with the Wasp WDI4600 barcode scanner. The WDI4600 streamlines data entry and allows you to instantly add barcode data to spreadsheets, word documents, and databases. Use the WDI4600 to improve...


Wasp WLR8950 Barcode Scanners

Wasp WLR8950

The Wasp WLR8950 Long Range CCD barcode scanner is a cost effective, easy to use, long range scanner designed for retail, point of sale, or any repetitive application where time and accuracy are important. With an ABS plastic construction and pistol...

$90.60 to $245.30

Wasp CCD Scanner Barcode Scanners

Wasp CCD Scanner

The CCD Scanner is a widely-used barcode reader due to its rugged construction and user-friendly interfaces. The keyboard wedge kit makes this model quick to install and seamless in data collection for any software application. The CCD...


Wasp WWS450H Barcode Scanners

Wasp WWS450H

The Wasp WWS450H rapidly and accurately scans 1D and 2D barcodes, has antimicrobial protection, uses high speed, low power consumption eliminates the need to re-scan. The WWS450H also reads 1D barcodes up to 20" away and 2D barcodes up to...


Wasp WWS750 Barcode Scanners

Wasp WWS750

The Wasp WWS750 2D Barcode scanner is designed for the harshest and most demanding applications in warehousing, transportation, logistics, and manufacturing industries. Its omnidirectional reading capability provides quick aim and accurate scans and...

$596.20 to $639.10

Wasp WDI7500 Barcode Scanners

Wasp WDI7500

Wasp WDI7500 industrial 2D barcode scanner is designed to provide a comfortable data collection for users and a reliable operation in the long term. With "liquid lens" that adapts and focus at different distances with 3 Green Light technology and...


Wasp WDI4200 Barcode Scanners

Wasp WDI4200

The Wasp WDI4200 2D barcode scanner is a durable multi-purpose barcode scanner in a compact, ergonomic form-factor. Able to scan 1D/2D barcodes and reading barcodes on screen. With a durable 5 ft. (1.5m) drop spec and IP42 rating it is a perfect...


Wasp WWS650

Wasp WWS650

The WWS650, is an reliable scanner at an afforable price. Great for workers that are on the job daily. The new illumination and aiming system reduces stress in the visuals of an operator. Best suitable for retail, inventory, postal, banking, and...


Wasp WRS100SBR

Wasp WRS100SBR

Wasp brings you the new WRS100SBR, a hands-free ring scanner that is designed to work with devices such as laptops, tablets, smart phones, and any other device that is compatible with iOS, Android, and Windows. Designed with built-in Bluetooth...

$145.00 to $170.70

Wasp WPS200 Barcode Scanners

Wasp WPS200

The Wasp WPS200 Omnidirectional barcode scanner is a high performance scanner utilizing a digital imaging scan engine capable of reading both 1D and 2D barcodes with ease. The WPS200 can be used in hands-free or handheld mode, and unique...


Wasp WWR2900 WandReader Barcode Scanners

Wasp WWR2900 WandReader

Whether you need quick access to data from an invoice, membership card, or any barcoded material, the Wasp WWR2900 series pen barcode scanner is the perfect tool for repetitive data entry. The WWR2900 pen barcode scanner is a reliable,...

$84.90 to $182.30

Wasp WWS250i Barcode Scanners

Wasp WWS250i

The Wasp WWS250i 2D Bluetooth barcode scanner gives you the flexibility to wirelessly transmit barcode data to your iOS, Android, or Windows smartphone or tablet device from up to 30' away. The pocket-sized form factor makes it ideal for...


Wasp WWS150i Barcode Scanners

Wasp WWS150i

The Wasp WWS150i pocket Bluetooth barcode scanner provides on-the-go convenience without the tangle of cords. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and Android devices, the WWS150i allows you to streamline business processes, maximize efficiency, and...


Wasp WWS110i

Wasp WWS110i

The WWS110i's is able to withstand multiple 5-foot drops to concrete, preventing downtime and costly repairs. LED and beep tone indicators inform you of the power status, wireless connectivity, and barcode detection. This pocket-sized lightweight...


Wasp Parts

Products and parts from Wasp.

$29.20 to $4,995.00


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