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Security and Identification Solutions


At Barcode Discount, we offer applications geared towards improving the security of your operations. Our security applications can be easily integrated with other applications, whether your needs are in access and identification, materials management, asset tracking, inventory control, customer data management, signature capture, and/or compliance. Our goal is to help you protect your employee data, customer data and assets.

We offer a full line of security systems hardware, from card printing products and supplies, to surveillance equipment. We will provide you with access control systems and software that will ensure full workplace security when it is needed the most. Because of our years of experience working with government customers, we have the capability to meet your Unique Identification (UID) compliance needs with our RFID and 2D data matrix products and related software. No matter what your security and ID needs, we will customize an application for you.


  • Efficiency - Significantly reduce security required to process employee Security and Identification data.
  • Simplicity - Record all pertinent information with just the swipe of a card.
  • Accuracy - Fully automated data capture eliminates inaccuracies of employee securitysheets and falsified security logs.

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